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Rite Aid: Make up and Shampoo

There are several sales scenarios at Rite Aid, so I will try to spell all of them out clearly below. They all involve rebates so know that some of this money will have to come out of pocket now, but you will get it back later.

Also- when you go to Rite Aid, they will have their sales flyer in the front of the store. If you get the paper this will be the same one you already have. However next to it is their September 2009 Rebate Directory. This is everything that will have a rebate for the month of September. Go ahead and pick one of those up too. I usually take a minute each month to go through that flyer and circle everything I would potentially buy. Then, when I clip coupons I keep that flyer nearby and clip coupons for the items that are in it. A coupon + a rebate usually makes a good deal.

Everyone can take advantage of the full rebate [1] on Physicians Formula make-up. Rebates are available on their 100% Natural Organic Mascara, Mineral Wear® FaceBrighteners™ and BronzeBrighteners™, Bronze Booster™ and Make Up Removers. Whichever one you decide on, you need to make sure in the store that it has a bright pink sticker that says “Try Me Free.” Then fill out the rebate form and send it in. Only one rebate per household. You need that pink sticker, the receipt and the UPC out of the product. The forms [1] are easy to read with all of the requirements.
Final price: FREE after rebate

Okay now to the different scenarios:

No matter which scenario you choose, you need the Rite Aid $5 off of $20 coupon. This is obtained by watching Rite Aid videos on line [2]. Also most of my scenarios involve shampoo, so be sure the videos you watch include the ones needed below. If you see any other products you would normally use, or products with rebates feel free to enjoy!

Below are a few Scenarios that will work. Once you see the theme, you can figure out how to combine items you would like with rebates and coupons to personalize your deal!

Scenario One:
One Organic Make-Up Product ($9.95)
One bottle of Nexxus Shampoo or Conditioner ($12.99 a bottle)
One bottle of VO5 shampoo or conditioner ($.79)
Use $3 off coupon for Nexxus from watching the video
Use $5 off of $20 coupon for purchase from watching the video
This should make your total out of pocket expense about $16.00, depending on tax where you live

THEN… you mail in the rebate for the make- up ($9.95 back- see the pink sticker on the make-up) and submit the on-line rebate to Rite- Aid for the Nexxus and VO5 shampoos ($5.00 rebate on the shampoo).
FINAL COST: About $1 after rebates

Scenario Two:
One item of Physicians Care Organic Make-Up (should be about $9.95)
One bottle of Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner (should be about $5.49)
8 bottles of VO5 at $.79 each= Total $6.32
$1 off Tresemme On-Line coupon (from the videos)
$5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon (from the videos)
Total Out of Pocket: Rougly $16

THEN submit the make up rebate that you printed earlier and the $5 Rite Aid rebate on-line for the shampoo
Final Cost After Rebates: About $2

Scenario #3: (This one is if you like Nexxus Shampoo)
One $12.99 bottle of Nexxus Shampoo
One $12.99 bottle of Nexxus Conditioner
$3 off Nexxus coupon (from watching the video)
$5 off of $20 at Rite Aid (from watching the video)
Total Out of Pocket roughly $17.98

THEN Submit the $5 Rite Aid rebate on-line for the Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner
Final cost: about $6 a bottle, which is a good price for this Shampoo

Do you see how it works? You just have to be creative and be willing to stock pile stuff. Yes, Scenario #2 involves 9 bottles of Shampoo and conditioner, but then you won’t have to buy any for a good long while!