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Retail Me Not

When I first started saving money, www.retailmenot.com [1] was one of the first web sites I began using. This is the PRIMO coupon/sale code web site for stores in my opinion. And they just redesigned it, so you can feel even more love when you check it out.

When you go onto the site, there is a search box in the upper right hand corner. Put in the name of any store or list any item you would like to buy and hit search. Anything that matches your request will pop up below. (I just typed in “flowers” and quite a few matches popped up- that’s a hint for my male friends whose significant others like flowers!)

By clicking on those matches it will show you two things: any coupons that you can print to take into the store AND codes you can use if you shop on-line! So, if you aren’t into the printing coupon thing, you can just use the code on the internet. Often there are codes for free shipping and significant discounts, especially as we get closer to the holidays.

So, if you are planning on buying something anyway, take a few minutes to stop by retailmenot [1] and see if you can get an even better deal!