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Refurbished Kindle Fires As Low as $71.80

If you aren’t a new reader you know how in love with my Kindle Fire I am.  It’s refurbished and in over 2 years I haven’t had any issues.

Right now if you are interested in snagging your own for around $75 check out this deal:

Right now on Amazon Local you can get a FREE Voucher for 20% off a refurbished Kindle [1].  Amazon Local is not in my town so I just picked the closest big town.

Once you get your FREE Voucher, head over here to get 20% off these specific Refurbished Kindles [2]. Your choices are 7″ or 8.9″ devices with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB capacities.

Here is how you get this deal:

  1. Claim FREE Voucher for 20% off here. [1]
  2. Come back here, to purchase your Kindle Fire and use your 20% off code [2].

You can get the 7″ Kindle Fire for only $71.70 after the 20% off coupon!

 Amazon Deals can change at any time, so make sure you double check the price before making your purchase.