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Recovering From The Hacker: Step One Done

So did you miss the news about my wonderful Hacker Experience [1] this week?

It’s going to take a lot of work to get this all fixed (and cost me a lot of money) but the most important stuff is done now.

A great company has gone through and cleaned out my site for me.  I believe part of the issue was the tool we were using to upload pictures so that’s why there are no pictures on my site currently.  Hopefully we can get that cleared up on Monday and my site will look as pretty as usual soon.

The other thing that is good is that the links on google work now.  So if you google my site name and your cache doesn’t have an old link in it, the link will work fine and take your safely to my site.  You can also get to it through www.thefrugalchick.com [2] and www.afrugalchick.net [3].

The bad thing is that there is still a warning on google that my site was hacked.  I have sent in all the paperwork to google but it could take up to six weeks to get that removed.  But please be sure it’s completely safe to click on my site- everything has been fixed!

Thanks for your patience and please spread the word about all the great deals!