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Recipes Using Quinoa: Part 2 (Whole Foods Give Away Coming Soon!)

Be sure to check out my first post on Recipes Using Quinoa [1] before you read this follow up!

Another Quinoa Tip:  Maria from Whole Foods recommends you make a big pot of quinoa on a Sunday morning. You can actually make quinoa like oatmeal!  Just add a little cinnamon and/or brown sugar and mix well. You can then store the rest of the plain quinoa in an air tight container and place in the fridge for recipes later in the week.

Also, Whole Foods has this really great recipe site called Food 52 with over 3,000 recipes on the site! They have all kinds of awesome recipes you won’t want to miss.  For other recipes using quinoa, you can click here [2].

Another one of my favorites is a quinoa pilaf recipe: Kale & Quinoa Pilaf [3].

Learn more about the Quinoa Revolution [4]– more and more people are discovering how amazing it is!

Stay tuned- we have a Whole Foods Give Away coming soon!