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Quick and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Place Settings


St. Patrick’s Day is a simple but fun holiday that we like to celebrate in our house. To my knowledge we have no Irish in our blood but we sure do enjoy the food! Every year we cook a traditional Irish feast and enjoy it with close friends. This year will be no different so I thought it would be a good idea to spruce up our table for the occasion.With a few things gathered from around the house it turned out to be a simple and very budget friendly project.

If you have kids 4+ this would be a great activity to do with them.  Mine are still a little too young to cut out small objects.


supplies [2]



Step 1: Print napkin ring template found here [3]

Step 2: Cut out template and glue around toilet paper roll. When dry, cut along dotted lines. You will end up with 4 rings.

Step 3: Cut out shamrocks and glue them on to the rings. (I wanted simple so only used 1 shamrock on each)

Step 4: To finish the look cut a piece of butcher paper a little larger than the green felt. You will need one piece of butcher paper for each setting. I cut 8 pieces for 8 place settings.

Step 5: If you are ready to set the table, place the butcher paper on the table first followed by the green felt piece. Center your plate on the felt piece and place your napkin ring in the middle of your plate (preferably with a shamrock facing up).

 finished product [4]