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Possible HUGE Changes at Rite Aid

I am NOT happy about this one.  Generally I support everything Rite Aid does but this one is going to possibly knock them a few notches down on my list.

As we continue to enhance our wellness+ program in ways to deliver even more value and convenience that you’ve been asking for, we’ll be testing an exciting new Load2Card feature in three markets: Richmond, Salt Lake City and Seattle beginning today. In this test, we’re making a few changes: 1) +UP Rewards will be automatically loaded to members’ wellness + cards so you no longer have to worry about keeping track of your paper receipts and 2) a +UP can be used starting at 6 a.m. on the day after it was earned and will remain valid for 14 days. Nothing has changed outside these test markets – the +UP’s generated on your register receipt can still be used on same-day next purchases.

So the positive- your Up Rewards will be loaded to your Wellness Card.  This is great because you do not have to keep track of those tiny pieces of paper anymore.

The negative- on the day you earn your Up Rewards you can’t use them immediately.  This means that if you shop on Sunday your Up Rewards will not be able to used until MONDAY.  This means multiple trips in a week if the transactions are good.  AND there is an increased risk stock will be out.

We won’t know for a while if they decide to do this nationwide but I wanted to give you a heads up!