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Overheard In A Coupon Class Week 4

Welcome to my new 2012 Series “Overheard in a Coupon Class [1]“. Each week post about a commonly asked question, joke or funny story from my coupon classes. And I have TONS of material!

What’s a couponing e-mail address?  I see you mention it on your site all the time. 

One of the biggest challenges of couponing is trying to keep your couponing information all in one place.  One way you can keep all your couponing stuff seperate from all your personal stuff is by creating a new e-mail address.  This way when you sign up for newsletters and samples all that information goes to one place.

Whichever type of e-mail you already use (aol, yahoo, gmail) just build yourself a new e-mail.  You could do something simple like [email protected] [2] so that you never confuse it with your regular e-mail.

By keeping everything in two different places you can keep your life and your couponing seperate!