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Overheard In A Coupon Class Week 3

Welcome to my new 2012 Series “Overheard in a Coupon Class [1]“.  Each week post about a commonly asked question, joke or funny story from my coupon classes.  And I have TONS of material!

What tool do you use the most when you prepare to shop?

My Coupon Database [2].  I can type in my whole grocery list and find any coupons for the items I want to purchase.

Because I organize my coupons by insert and not by categories (it’s MUCH less time consuming) the database [2] is a vital tool in me being able to prepare for my trips.  The database allows me to just type in the item I want and the location of the coupons just pops up.

A few minutes with my shopping list and a pair or scissors and I have everything I need for a successful shopping trip!