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Overheard in a Coupon Class Week 1

Welcome to my new 2012 Series “Overhead in a Coupon Class [1]“.  Each week post about a commonly asked question, joke or funny story from my coupon classes.  And I have TONS of material!

One of the most common questions I get asked in class is “How many newspapers do you buy on Sunday and where you do you get them?

I get one paper delivered to my house- that is a MUST as you get better coupons in the paper than you do when you buy them.  On Thursday I always read my own post where I talk about how many inserts will be in the paper and see what is in them.

If I decide to grab additional papers I head to my local Dollar Store- they carry the paper for $1!  I ALWAYS double check to make sure the coupons are enclosed.

If I only want to get one extra paper sometimes I will stop at a gas station and grab the paper from the nearest big city (in my case Washington DC).  It usually has higher value coupons (although some of them may be products we don’t have here).  This gives me a bit of variety for my shopping trips.

I hope this answers a question you might have had!  Stay tuned for another great question next Friday!