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A Discount On My New Addiction

If you are not on A Frugal Chick’s facebook page [1] you have missed the fact that some of my readers now have me completely addicted to Janet Evanovich’s series of books with the character Stephanie Plum.  They have become a time sucking entity in my life and suddenly I am up until 2 a.m. reading every night.

To complicate my schedule even worse this Friday, 1/27, a movie of the first in the series “One For The Money” is hitting the theaters. I hate paying for movies.  Fortunately there is a deal.  Check out the description of the movie below:

From the producer of Devil Wears Prada, One for the Money enshrines Janet Evanovich’s best-selling 18-book mystery series on the big screen with a star-flecked cast and pulse-hiking display of fast-paced action-comedy. Katherine Heigl stars as street-smart Jersey girl Stephanie Plum, who, after losing her job, her car, and her ability to pronounce the word indemnification, takes up work as a bounty hunter at her cousin’s bail-bonding firm. Perp hunting and handcuffing get personal when Stephanie confronts her former high-school flame and current bail-jumping murder suspect Joe Morelli, played by Jason O’Mara, dramatically altering the chemical composition of the screenplay with an infusion of volatile romance.

Yes I want to see the movie.  No I do not want to pay $10 for a ticket.

Right now you can get up to two tickets to see the movie for $6 each [2]!  This deal is for AMC Theaters so be sure to check this list for theatres near you [3].

So now I can go AND get a good discount.  Sounds like the perfect frugal night to me!