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New Printable Coupons (between $1 and $1.98)

If you live near Harris Teeter there is a very good chance they are beginning Super Doubles [1] this coming Wednesday.  I thought I would go online and see if I could find some useable coupons (not all of them are shown below).  Now I have not printed ALL of these so if they say “do not double” they will not work.  But hopefully you can get some good deals on products that you need!

$1 off Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes® [2]

$1.50 off PediaSure® [3]

$1 off Stonyfield Oikos [4]

$1.00 off on any Reach Floss [5]

$1.00 off Bagel Bites (Any 9ct., 18ct. or 40 ct.) [6]

$1.00 off Garnier Moisture Rescue Moisturizer [7]

$1.00 off on any size Truvia™ natural sweetener [8]

Remember that it is never okay to photocopy coupons- this is fraud.  Your computer should allow you to print 2 copies of each- you can snag some great deals!