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New 2013 Series: Cooking For One Recipes

I have been so excited about this series for months and now I can finally tell you!

A little ways back I was online looking at recipes and getting so frustrated.  All the portions were HUGE and the recipes full of complicated ingredients.  I don’t own a fancy spice rack or expensive kitchen equipment.  I eat most of my meals on a tv tray next to my laptop- I don’t use garnish!

I wanted a resource with SIMPLE meals made from few ingredients but are still pretty healthy and taste good.

So I am super excited to introduce my new series “Cooking For One Recipes.”

Each week on Wednesday I will publish a new recipe with portions appropriate for one or two people.  (If you have a family or need bigger portions you can of course increase them.)

Some of the recipes will be mine and some will be contributed by other bloggers.

Watch next Wednesday for the first recipe!