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I Never Believed It Sucked Out Your Brain


I totally borrowed this picture.  It was too perfect.

Generally speaking I handle stress pretty well.  I was always the kid who did better in school when I was on Student Government, a lead in the school musical and trying to make Dean’s list.  When I was building my business I was actually working three jobs while going to graduate school.  I got SO much done and besides having occasional exhaustion I feel like I handled it pretty well.

I never understood how people couldn’t just juggle 4 or 5 things and stay on top of them.  I always took great pride in my multi-tasking and it came naturally to me.

Until this week.

Tuesday night someone close to me got very sick.  At their request I am not going to give details but it was the kind of illness that could have resulted in the death of someone I love very much.  And they have weeks, if not months of rehab ahead of them.

And all of a sudden my brain is just gone.

It’s been gone for 5 days.

Tasks that I used to be able to do almost without thinking suddenly require great concentration.  I can’t read a book because my mind wanders.  I keep burning things on the stove because I forget I started it (don’t worry- nothing dangerous).   Twice I have left the house while talking on my phone and almost turned around to go back in to grab my phone.  I am washing the same load of laundry for the third time this week because I keep forgetting to put it in the dryer (granted on this front I was also without electricity for almost 24 hours so that contributed.)

I get it now.

I understand how thinking, praying and trying to help someone else can make you forget everything you thought you knew how to do.  My friends have told me when they are pregnant that the baby sucks their brains out and I get it now.

So if I forget to post grocery deals, or you start seeing lots of words misspelled in my posts or the math doesn’t add up on a deal, just drop me a comment.  Odds are it made total sense in my head.

And if you see mistakes use them as a reminder to pray for myself and my family.  The journey ahead is going to be a challenge, yet it is so much less than many of you deal with.  You are in my prayers.