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Navy Retirement Gift

Navy Retirement Gift

Navy Retirement Gift

I’m from a Navy town and I can tell you, retiring from the Navy is a BIG deal.  Being in the Navy is a hard job with many sacrifices so retiring is an event the entire family can participate in.  Some of my friends have spent as much on their retirement parties as you would a wedding.

Things to display their navy memories (flags, coins etc) are generally purchased by family or co-workers.  So as friends here are some ideas you can check out!

1. Biographies of people with their hobbies: For the first time in a while your sailor may be able to start a new hobby.  If you know what it is maybe find a book from a leader in that field.  Or take a look through Amazon’s Top Selling 100 Books [1] and see if anything might be interesting!

2.  A Leatherman or Multi-Use Tool [2]This can be a fantastic gift without breaking the bank.

navy retirement gift [3]

3.  A Personalized Wine Bottle [3]: Get a bottle of wine personalized with their name, rank and retirement date.  There are tons of options!

4.  A Nice Dinner Gift Certificate: There is a VERY good chance the sailor’s spouse is owed a night out, or a romantic weekend.  Grab a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or a Bed and Breakfast!

5. Navy Veteran License Plate Frame [4]: I see this ALL around my hometown.  I don’t know if they just GIVE them to you when you retire but they seem to be something most retirees have.  You can also grab them by rank!

Show up with one of these to a retirement party and you should be just fine!

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