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Mysterious Bags In My Flower Bed #condolife

I have been so nuts with all the deal finding this holiday season that I haven’t gotten to tell you all the crazy things that have been going on around me!

This BY FAR has been my favorite thing this year:

I live in a condo and 90% of condo living is great.  Its the perfect size, I don’t have to mow my own grass and there is always the chance a very cute neighbor will move in.

But there are some curiosities that come with it as well.  One of my neighbors has a thing for blaring music at 4:30 in the morning.  One of my neighbors left her sink running all night which made my kitchen floor wet.  But in 12 years it’s been an overall good experience.

Back in October I started finding bags in the my flowerbed- maybe one a week.  They were THOSE bags- the little ones that dog owners use when they take their dogs out and do the gracious act of cleaning up after them.  And they weren’t empty.

The first one I just picked up and threw it away.  Occasionally garbage does find it’s way into my flower bed and I don’t really think much of it.  It’s community living after all- that’s a price of living around that many people.

But then they started appearing more often.  The contents were small (I could tell from the weight) but I have several neighbors with pint sized dogs and no way of knowing who was doing it.

Until my downstairs neighbor alerted me that he was having the same problem in his flower bed.  But he knew why.

Turns out in October my new upstairs neighbors got a dog- I know because I heard the thing barking on their balcony occasionally.  Turns out it wasn’t housebroken.  And whenever it would use the bathroom on their floor rather than throw it away in their garbage can they just tossed it over their balcony to  land in my flower bed.

Now the family upstairs has two little girls so I am HOPING it was them rather than their mom who was doing this.  My downstairs neighbor handled it with the condo board so I don’t know the particulars of what happened.  But I do know there are no more little bags in my flower bed.

As much as I enjoy gifts- those weren’t exactly what I had in mind this holiday season!

It’s life’s little mysteries that keep things interesting!