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This is a guest post from my friend Tara Ryan! She has been using mypoints.com for a while and I am new to the site so I asked her to step in and let you guys know all about it!

What if I told you there was a website where you can earn reward points whenever you purchase merchandise from a website you already use? MyPoints.com is one of those websites. They are quick, reliable and secure!

MyPoints has been in business over a decade and I have been reaping the rewards pretty much since they started. I usually redeem my points only once or twice a year and always for gift cards. Some I keep for myself and some I pass to others. They have a huge variety of stores and increments to choose from. Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Macaroni Grill, Bass Pro Shops, Sears, and iTunes are some of the big names. The turnaround time to receive your reward is about two weeks, much faster other reward sites I use!

Now the big question is, “What do I have to do to earn these points?” There are a variety of ways to earn points and all are easy:

– Check your email. Don’t most people do this multiple times a day anyway? MyPoints will send you email advertisements, just a couple per day (enough to keep you busy, not enough to be annoying). Click on the link and you have earned 5 points- no purchase necessary!

– Occasionally, MyPoints will send you surveys in your email as well. Take these short surveys and earn points!

– One of the best ways to earn points is by shopping online- you can earn points for every dollar you spend! Who doesn’t love shopping? Participating stores include OfficeDepot.com, Overstock.com, OldNavy.com, and Avon.com!

– There is a tab on the website titled Easy Points. Click on it for quick ways to boost points toward your goal. Printing coupons and playing games on their site can earn some quick points. It is so easy!

With so many ways to earn points and tons of rewards to redeem who wouldn’t want to participate in something like this? If you e-mail [email protected], Laura will make sure you get a referral link from me (so I can get a couple of points for referrals!)