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My Favorite Frugal Things: My Kindle Fire

Welcome to a new A Frugal Chick Series “My Favorite Frugal Things” [1]!  Jana, Christine and I will each tell you things that we consider frugal AND have saved us a ton of money!  Laura is posting this week!

I can not wax poetical enough to you about my Kindle Fire [2].  In the 18 or so months I have owned it I am certain I have used it every single day and I love it more than almost anything else I own (except Bella and my Ariat cowboy boots of course).

This series is supposed to be my favorite frugal things- I know it may seem odd to have an item this expensive on the list but trust me when I say this has saved me more than it cost.

Let’s take a quick look at my savings so far:

At current count I have 168 books on my Kindle- only one of which I paid any money for [3].  With a median price of about $5 a book that’s $840 worth of books (and some are worth much more than $5!)!

Additionally whenever I travel I always take a few books with me to read on the plane/in the car etc.  They take up a ton of room in my bag and I always seem to run out of book before I run out of travel.  This means that in some airport I drop $10 on a paperback from an author I probably don’t know that I never read again.  When I travel with my Kindle I have tons of books at my finger tips that take up a tenth of the space.  I estimate my Kindle has saved me about $50 in books (not to mention relieving the pressure of dragging all those books around!).

Also since I don’t like to spend the money to buy books very often I tend to check them out at the library.  As a result I regularly forget to take them back until they are a few days late.  So let’s say I have probably saved $15 in late fees in the last year and a half as well.

Those three simple examples have me up to over $900 that I have potentially saved by spending $119 on a Kindle Fire  [2] (I bought mine refurbished so it was a bit cheaper).

If you have considered getting one I can not encourage you enough to check it out- it’s a great investment!