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My Favorite Frugal Things: My Electric Toothbrush

Welcome to a new A Frugal Chick Series “My Favorite Frugal Things” [1]!  Jana, Christine and I will each tell you things that we consider frugal AND have saved us a ton of money!  Laura is posting this week!

There are few things in life I am convinced have saved me as much money as my electric toothbrush.  Since I don’t have dental insurance it is SUPER important to me that my toothbrush prevent me from getting cavities and needing expensive dental work done.

I happen to have the Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Electric Toothbrush 1 Count [2]– I am pretty sure I bought it atleast 4 years ago and it still works great.  I love it because the replacement heads are easy to find at the drug stores (so I can shop sales to get them at a discount) and it vibrates to let me know when I can be done brushing my teeth.

Be sure you get an ELECTRIC toothbrush if you are looking for maximum effectiveness- I have heard from numerous people that the ones with batteries aren’t as effective.

Now since I am a couponer I still have plenty of free regular toothbrushes (and free toothpaste) for travel and visiting friends but if I have my choice I will pick my electric toothbrush every time.  And the free dental floss of course!

Deals on these toothbrushes tend to be KILLER around the holidays and at the drug stores so keep an eye out!