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My Favorite Frugal Things – Munchkin Snack Catchers

Welcome to a new A Frugal Chick Series “My Favorite Frugal Things”!  Jana, Christine and I will each tell you things that we consider frugal AND have saved us a ton of money!  Jana starts this week!

I was clueless with my first child and just thought that kids made messes. A lot of them! I thought every mom had a vacuum bag full of cheerios and other snacks that spill all over the floor.

One day I was at church and saw a child with what I later learned to be a Munchkin Snack Catcher. I asked the Mom what it was and where to get one. I made a special trip to the store after church and bought a pack of Munchkin Snack Catchers.  After only a couple of uses I fell in love with them. They are great for around the house, but are even nicer for the car.

Amazon [1] currently has the Munchkin Two Snack Catchers [1] for just $5.91 (originally $7.99 but of course the price can change).  I now give these snack catchers for baby shower gifts and/or first birthday party presents. It is practical and something for both child and mom!