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My Favorite Frugal Things- Fun Bites

Welcome to a new A Frugal Chick Series “My Favorite Frugal Things” [1]!  Jana, Christine and I will each tell you things that we consider frugal AND have saved us a ton of money!  Christine is posting this week!

If you have kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, anyone young enough to be a picky eater and throw a temper tantrum at dinner – this find is for you (and one of my favorite frugal things)!

Fun Bites [2] quickly and easily create food masterpieces for your little ones! They are high-performance, curved blade cutters that instantly create small, bite-sized pieces of food in fun designs and shapes for kids to enjoy.

You never have to touch the food, the products are made in the USA, and the cutters are BPA-Free.  The best part for Mom? They are dishwasher safe, so just pop them in when you’re done prepping.

funbites2 [3]

Right now, the fun bites come in three different shapes – hearts, triangles and squares.  For only $12.99 each, this deal is a steal. AND, because they love Frugal Chick fans, they are offering you 25% off your purchase, bringing this deal to only $9.75. Order them for your kids, birthday parties, family members, Christmas presents, etc!

Enter “FrugalFamilyFinds” at checkout – which is good for 25% off your entire order.

Have fun in the kitchen – with FunBites [4]!