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Moolala: The New Daily Deals Site

I know I have been letting you know about lots of new websites in the last week or so.  But this one is a chance for YOU to make some money so I wanted to mention it!

Moolala [1] is a new daily deals site in it’s very first stages.  They are trying to spread the word through bloggers like me to our great readers!

Like all the other sites, you save between 50% and 70% on their daily deals.  However (and here is where it gets good)…

“To start with, we’ll pay you 2% of the deal value on any purchase you make. Then, if you refer friends, we’ll pay you 2% of the deal value your friends buy. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also receive 2% on any deal your friends’ friends purchase, and your friends’ friends’ friends purchase, and your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends purchase. It’s a 2% 5-level rewards system. And these aren’t one-time referral fees. As long as people in your PayMatrix are buying deals, we’ll keep paying you – forever.”

In other words, the more people you get to sign up and the more people they get to sign up the more money you can make! 

This site is in it’s infancy (it’s not even available in my area yet) but I went ahead and signed up [1], because they may not offer this pay structure forever.

So if you want to sign up, please use my link here [1](as a thank you for letting you know about it).  And then let your friends and family know so you can spread the wealth and the great deals!

As soon as they are up and running in Hampton Roads, I will do a big post about it!