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Mock Mojitos Recipe #EEinNYC

When I was in New York City a few weeks ago we went to this great little place called “Home Cooking New York [1].”

It was a nice apartment where chefs set up a big long table and taught us how to prepare our own dinner.

Let me preface this by saying I am a HORRIBLE cook.  I have the attention span of a gnat so I really need to make things that involve dumping ingredients in a pot and stirring on occasion.  The fact that someone was footing the bill for me to help cook dinner for my friends was kind of nerve wracking.

It turns out I am a decent cook when I’m not watching television or thinking about my next post.  I really learned alot from them.  From the proper methods of using a knife to minimize the effort to chop things and mixing together ingredients I wouldn’t have thought of.

The recipes we prepared were actually created by SuperValu [2]– the company who owns our local grocery chain Farm Fresh (although they own stores all over the United State).  SuperValu is releasing a new “in house” or “generic” brand called Essential Everyday.  All the ingredients used were from this new line.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the recipes we made but I wanted to give you my favorite recipe first.

I don’t drink much alcohol- I am the biggest light weight you will ever meet.  But lots of alcoholic drinks I like the way they taste- including Mojitos.  We made a great recipe that night for a Mock Mojito.  (If you don’t live near a SuperValu store you can replace the Essential Everyday products with an equivalent).

Mock Mojitos

1 (0.75 oz) package mint leaves, stem removed
2 tablespoons Essential Everyday Granulated Sugar
3 cups reconstituted Essential Evereday Frozen Limeade
1.5 cups Super Chill Club Soda
Ice Cubes

1. Roughly chop mint leaves and place in a 2 quart pitcher; add sugar.
2. Using a muddler or spatula, vigorously press mint and sugar together until well combined (I had no idea what a  muddler [3] was )
3. Add in limeade and club soda; stir to combine.  Fill pitcher with ice; stir.

It was YUMMY- as can be evidence by my mostly empty glass in the picture above.

There are more recipes to come but you should try this one- it would be great sitting outside on a warm night!