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Minnesota Trip Day #2: Queen of the Nile

Sunflower from Emera’s flowerbed.  Isn’t it beautiful?

After the events of my first day in Minnesota [1], day 2 was pretty calm.  Well until we went canoeing.

I began the day about two hours earlier than my hosts.  They aren’t used to being up as late as I am and I needed to get up and work so I spent the first few hours in silence (well the music blaring into my ears through my iPod wasn’t silent to me).  After waking up they went for a run while I stayed home, showered and continued to get some work done.

Once they got back Bob and I rode bikes to the grocery store, produce store and hardware store.  We got through the hardware store and produce store and then realized…we left the coupons at home for the grocery store.  I can’t believe I left coupons at home!  So we rode back to the house, grabbed the coupons and got groceries.


 This is Dutch.  He’s a great dog and protects the house well.

After grocery shopping we ate lunch and decided to go out on their canoe.  So Bob put it in the back of the truck, Emera got in her car and we headed out.


So for those of you who have never done it, canoeing down a river requires one very important piece of planning.  You are going from point A to point B.  So it is REALLY helpful to have a vehicle at both point A and point B.  You put the canoe in the water at point A and then when you get to point B you drive back to point A, grab the truck and come back to point B.

We had this part planned perfectly.  Left the car at point B, drove the truck to point A and put the canoe in the water.  At this time we realized we left the third seat at home so whoever sat in the middle of the canoe was basically sitting on the bottom of the canoe on a stack of life jackets while the other two did the work.  Since Bob and Emera are much more experienced than I, I volunteered to take the uncomfortable seat and let them do the muscle work.

The canoe trip in total took about 3.5 hours.  We saw so much beautiful wildlife including birds, ducks and fish.  Bob is a hunter so every duck that flew by you could see him planning how to shoot it in just a few months.

About an hour into the trip Bob calls out to Emera.  “Hey, where are the keys to the car?”

Her response….silence.  Finally “in my purse.”

“And your purse is?”

“In the truck.”

Good times.  We all laughed.

So after 3.5 hours of being paddled up the river we called someone to come and pick us up.  Emera and I walked home to start dinner (steak, spinach and mac and cheese) and Bob dealt with the canoe.  Afterwards we went and saw “The Bourne Legacy [4]” at the cutest little small town theater I have ever seen!

And that was my Tuesday!