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Merry Christmas With Love

Merry Christmas to all of my readers.  You have no idea how much you bless my life.  I LOVE my job, I love getting to meet with you and I love (most of) your e-mails.

You have blessed me beyond my imagination this year with your kindness, your words of encouragement and your support through the last year.

As I struggled all week to figure out what to put in this message I looked at poems and songs and pictures to try to communicate to you what I feel is the entire purpose of this holiday.

So I decided to go with a classic- both the characters and the text are as tried and true as it gets.

My prayer for you this Christmas (and I do pray for you) is that you will be surrounded with a feeling of love. Not from gifts but from friends and family and the knowledge that many years ago, God gave up his prize possession- His Son- as the ultimate Christmas gift.

God Bless Us, Everyone.