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Meet The New “Chick” – Jana

Hey guys!

You may have noticed two new names popping up on this website over the past few weeks.  I have been slowly breaking in two incredible VAs (virtual assistants).  While most bloggers don’t let you know who works for them I really want mine to be part of our AFrugalChick family.  Also if you see things that say “my kids” or “my husband” it might be good to know that I didn’t write them.

First up is Jana.  You will see lots of recipes from Jana (including the yummy Apple French Toast Casserole [1]) and some give aways, crafts and reviews.

My name is Jana and if you read afrugalchick.com [2] on a daily basis you may have noticed my name pop up on a couple of posts recently. I am a wife and mom. I have an amazing hard working and loving husband and together we have two cute and funny kiddos. My son M will be 4 in March and daughter A will be 2 in February. Currently, I job share as a middle and high school librarian at a local Christian school. I enjoy fostering a love for reading in my kiddos as well as my students and teachers.

I started following www.afrugalchick.com [2] a couple of years ago when M was born. My husband and I felt strongly about me being home with our kiddo as much as possible.  However, with two teacher salaries it was going to be tight, so I went part time. With my salary cut in half, I needed to start saving money elsewhere so I started cooking, couponing and completing DIY projects around the house with help from blogs like Laura’s.

Several years later, I have learned a lot about how to save money by doing it yourself and cooking delicious food at home and am thrilled about the opportunity to share with afrugalchick readers.

As she posts more be sure to show her some love!