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McDonalds: Fradulent Coupon Alert

There are some lovely coupons floating around right now for “1 FREE McDonald’s Value Meal”.  It says on the coupon “offer ends 1/21/2015″.

These are fraudulent coupons.

There are a few quick ways to tell this is a fake:

1.  The expiration date is WAY too far in the future.

2.  It is a .pdf.  Not all .pdf coupons are fake but most of them are.  If it is a .pdf it means you can print as many as you want and the company isn’t keeping track of them.  The only company I know who consistently does their coupons this way is 3M.

3.  It came from a random website.  If McDonalds is going to offer coupons they will most likely do it through coupons.com [1], Red Plum [2], the McDonalds Facebook page or the McDonalds website.  Those would be the places to find coupons.

I hope this helps you keep an eye out for fradulent coupons!

Thanks Cuckoo for Coupon Deals [3]!