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MaxPerks Bonus Rewards Program

Have you ever used the Office Max MaxPerks Bonus Rewards Program?  I used it for the first time recently and I have to say I was impressed.  This could save people thousands of dollars on office supplies!

When you buy items that have Max Perks you get your money back in store credit (just like at the drug stores).  Then you can use this store credit to purchase almost anything you want.

MaxPerks Bonus Rewards Program: when you sign up online [1] you can print your card immediately.  Or you can sign up at your local store.  Either way you will get a plastic card and one of those key chain fobs if you prefer to use that.

The Max Perk Rewards will be a store credit.

Every quarter, MaxPerks will send you a MaxPerks Reward e-mail.  You print out your Max Perks certificate and you will have 1-2 months to spend it online or in-stores.

You also earn $3.00 for Each Printer Cartridge You Recycle at the store (Maximum of $60 per calendar year)

Earn $25 for every $500 you spend on qualified purchases.

It’s a pretty simple program and every week there is usually atleast one item that is FREE after Max Perks.  When there are very good deals I will be sure to post them for you!