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Make Your Own K-Cups: What Is the Stock Up Price?

If you have purchased a Keurig [1] it probably didn’t take you long to realize that the price of the K-Cups can get REALLY expensive.

I have been doing a great series to help you cut back your costs by making your own k-cups [2]!

A common question I get ask often is “what is the stock up price for k-cups?”

Almost everyone I know would answer this question differently.

First- what do I mean by “stock up price”?

If something is a stock up price this means you buy extra of these to add to your pantry.  For example if they have noodles at your local grocery store for $.10 and you have 4 coupons- get FOUR boxes even if you don’t plan to eat noodles 4 times that week.  You keep a few extra in your house because at that price you can’t beat it.  (By the way if you don’t eat noodles you don’t buy ANY).

If you prefer organic or Starbucks brand the stock up price for K-Cups is around $.50.

For everything else I shoot for $.40 per cup.

My two best resources for grabbing them at that price are Cross Country Cafe [3] (their sale prices are usually between $.40 and $.50 on Wacky Wednesday) and Kohls [4](when they have coupon codes).

So when you find your favorite for $.40 or less be sure to grab an extra!