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Make Your Own K-Cups: Ekobrew Review

Did you know you can make your own K-Cups [1]?

This can mean a substantial savings by not having to buy K-Cups.

There are about a half dozen products on the market that you can use so I thought I would test them for you to see who brews the best cup of coffee!

Today I checked out the Ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup for Keurig K-cup Brewers [2].

Since I had never used a Keurig before I went over to a friend’s house who was nice enough to let me potentially break hers.

It was very easy to take out of the packaging and the directions were pretty clear.


Ekobrew in Box [3]

I was able to easily follow the directions:

1.  Open Ekobrew Lid (it pops open but remains attached to the Ekobrew)

2.  Fill with coffee and close.  Recommendations online say to keep it at 2/3 – 3/4 full depending on how strong you like your coffee.

3.  Insert into the Keurig filter holder- some models require you to remove the filter but not the Ekobrew [2].


After I closed the top I pushed the button for coffee and everything worked perfectly!

Once the coffee was brewed I pulled out the Ekobrew to wash it out.  It was EXTREMELY easy to clean and everything rinsed right out.  The directions recommend cleaning it in the dishwasher once a week to be sure that oils don’t build up in the mesh.

And my taste tester said the coffee was great.

They do note in the directions to use regular ground coffee that coffee too finely ground would be problematic.  We used Gevalia coffee [5]and it worked fine.

Overall I give it 5 stars- GREAT product!

As of right now this item is $10.44 on Amazon [2]– PLUS when you buy you receive a FREE sample of a Kind Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein Bar (discount at check-out). Click on Add Both To Cart to receive your free sample.

Please note it is not compatible with these models: Keurig B30, B130, B150, B155, B3000, Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG5 [6] and Vue Brewers [7].