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Lucy- The Most Comfortable Work Out Pants EVER Sale

While at a blogging conference years ago I came across some people addicted to a certain brand of clothing called Lucy.

Now these are frugal bloggers- people who get their clothes off discount racks and thrift stores- so I was ASTONISHED to see that the pants usually ran around $80.

And now all my friends are buying them like mad- apparently they are like Spanx for working out and CRAZY comfortable.

I haven’t been able to bite the bullet yet but today could be the day- because beginning at 9 a.m. EST Zulily [1] is going to have a Lucy boutique open for business.

Zulily [1] will give me a chance to possibly grab some at a good discount and then maybe I can become a groupie too!

Zulily boutiques often sell out so sign up now [1] (it’s free) so you can see the discounted price as soon as the items are available!

Have you tried them?  I am so curious!