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Love Poem to an HP

I am just an average girl
Simple with technology
As long as something functions well
It doesn’t bother me.

I bought my car ‘cause it was nice
And had a solid name.
And when I choose a laptop
I will try to do the same.

Years ago my boss sent me
To work in a foreign land
And lent me, as a tool to use,
A laptop with the HP brand.

And since that time we have been
Close as close can be,
For because it is so convenient
It goes everywhere with me.

I do not know it’s core processor
Or how much Ram it has.
I do not know what a giga-byte is
Or if it likes long walks and jazz.

I just know that for the last three years
This HP for me has been there
Doing exactly what it promised and more
Pulling internet from thin air.

But even in these wonderful times
A dark cloud looms ahead.
One day it will return to it’s owner
And I feel a sense of dread.

How will I blog my deals
And keep track of things that are free?
Check my readers’ e-mails
Or tweet so merrily?

Then in Chicago a miracle appeared
Loren and his crew with news of glee!
Because Savings.com [1] and HP [2] love each other so
One lucky blogger with get their own HP!

Not only that, but there was more!
(I could barely stand to look)
If I win, my readers do too
One will get an HP Netbook!

And so I cross my fingers,
hold my breath, and close my eyes-
And hope the judges think this poem
Is worth the grandest prize!