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Locals Only: Frugal Recycling

In my office we had shelves of old electronics. Keyboards, mice, non-working cameras and cell phones with cave man technology were using room I needed for other things. And since I didn’t want these things sitting in a landfill forever I started doing some research trying to find a place that would recycle everything.

I found places that would recycle SOME or places that would gladly recycle it… for a large fee. My frugal nature wasn’t willing to pay an arm and a leg (and I didn’t think I could talk my boss into it.)

Then at dinner one night A Frugal Chick reader Erica told me about a company in Norfolk, VA called “Green Alternatives [1].” She had taken all of their old electronics to Green Alternatives and they had recycled everything for free!

When I got home, I jumped on the Internet to check them out. It seemed they would take everything in our office and there would only be a charge for one HUGE monitor. Not only that, but they had some pretty great information on their site and some neat things for sale.

So Wednesday morning I loaded up a co-worker’s jeep and we headed down to the Five Points Community Market in Norfolk. I had never been there before and it’s a pretty incredible place. I walked in the back door and the Green Alternatives [1] area was right in front of me. They came out to the car, helped unload the electronics and stored them safely to be recycled. Inside, the cost to recycle everything was only $10!

So for $10 I was able to clean our office shelves and safely dispose of our electronics! Green Alternatives [1] recycles so many other things too: crayons, batteries, light bulbs, drink pouches, yogurt containers and more. For a complete list of the items they recycle, click here [2].
So if you are in the Hampton Roads area and looking for a frugal way to recycle, I hope you will check out Green Alternatives [1]!