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Locals: Living Social Arganica Farm Club (Milk Deals)

Today’s deal for those in Hampton Roads [1] is a good one:

Drop $27 for a one-month membership and one organic and local produce crate (regularly $55); $72 for a three-month membership, plus two organic and local produce crates and a $25 gift card (regularly $145); or $145 for a six-month membership, plus three organic and local produce crates and three $25 gift cards (regularly $290). Arganica members order whatever they want from a growing list of high-quality products provided by local farmers, artisan producers, and greenhouse growers. Or, you can order a produce box that’s handpicked and delivered. Choose from hormone-free and free-range dairy, meats, and poultry, plus sustainable seafood like wild Kenai Alaskan salmon

The other reason I wanted to mention this deal is that Arganica [1] has a milk program with some discounted prices for those of you who go through LOTS of milk. 

Click here [1] to check out all the details.  I think I might be investigating this a bit further myself!