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Living Social and Groupon Coupons

Living Social and Groupon Coupons

LivingSocial [1] and Groupon [2]can be great ways for you to save money on things around town.  Between restaurants, hair salons and crazy activities you can save a ton by the power of group buying.

And they also can make really great gifts or something for a night out.  Often there will be restaurants in my town that are too expensive without the help of one of these sites!

Both of these sites very regularly have coupons and I will keep track of them for you below.

LivingSocial [1]

Save 20% with the code MEMWKND14.  $20 maximum savings.

This code ends 5/26/14 at 11:59 pm.

Groupon  [2]

Use the code SALON15 to get 15% off a local spa or beauty deal!

I see manicures, hair cuts, tanning salons and more in my area [3]!

This code expires at midnight 5/26.

Be sure to check out these Ways to Organize Your Coupons [4]!