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Kroger Stops Coupon Doubling In 118 More Stores

Occasionally people ask me why I don’t cover Kroger on my website.  In my experience I have found their coupon policies to vary by store as well as their sales.

Since things I post aren’t applicable for ALL Kroger shoppers I usually just avoid posting anything.

But if you happen to live in certain areas of the country your Kroger stores are going to stop doubling coupons effective March 1st.  I wanted to be sure you know.

The grocery store chain has said that prices will drop on about 3,500 items in its stores in grocery, produce, organics, natural foods and general merchandise.

This seems to be affecting stores in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  They already dropped double coupons in Houston a while ago.

If you live in those areas call your stores and confirm at your individual locations.

I would expect to see this change coming in more areas in the future.