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Kroger: New Digital Coupons = GREAT Cereal Deal

Kroger $6/4 coupon update! Apparently they didn’t mean to release the coupon until the mega event was over as they have pulled it and in some cases are not honoring it!!! 

There’s a new $6.00 off 4 Big G Cereals Kroger Digital Coupon [1] to load to your card. It says “use up to 5 times in a single transaction” on it. That means you use it in one transaction and it’s gone, but you can get the amount off up to 5 times in that single transaction if you buy the matching number of items.

Be sure to pay attention to the labels on shelves inside the store to make sure everything fits into the same deal.  Unlike the other grocery stores in my area if something at Kroger is on sale 5 for $10 you actually have to buy all 5 to get the sale price.

Be sure to double check the prices in your area- Kroger prices are NOT the same nationwide.

Here are your scenarios:

Buy 5 Big G Cereals @ $2.99 = $14.95
Get $5.00 off instantly = $9.95
Use $6.00 off 4 Kroger Digital Coupon [1]
= $3.95 for 5 Boxes  ($0.79 each)

Buy 10 Big G Cereals @ $2.99 = $29.90
Get $10.00 off instantly = $19.90
Use  $6.00 off 4 Kroger Digital Coupon [1] (minus $12.00)
=  $7.90 for 10 Boxes ($0.79 each)

Buy 15 comes out to $0.79 each as well… BUT, Buy 20 and you have enough to use the full 5 uses of the digital coupon in a single transaction and get the best deal:

Buy 20 Big G Cereals @ $2.99 = $59.80
Get $20.00 off instantly = $39.80
Use  $6.00 off 4 Kroger Digital Coupon [1] (minus $30.00)
= $9.80 for 20 Boxes ($0.49 each!!!)

Please remember you CANNOT use any paper coupons along WITH the card coupons.  Kroger does not allow coupon stacking.

If you find a certain cereal works with this deal either leave a comment or tell me on A Frugal Chick’s Facebook Page [2]!

In Hampton Roads the ceral is $3.49 so that makes it $.99 each after discount- STILL a great price!

Thanks My Litter [3]!