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Kroger Coupons: If You Shop At Kroger You Need To Read This

Just because you do not live in Houston don’t think this won’t happen where you are.  They are piloting it in Houston.  If it works, they will continue to move around the country.

In just a few weeks all the Kroger stores in Houston will STOP doubling or tripling coupons.  Kroger representatives say that they are going to rolling out a new savings program that will keep the couponers coming.  Couponers aren’t so sure- especially if there are other stores in the area that will be doubling and tripling.

If you live in the Houston area and would like to voice your complaints you can do so two ways:

1-800-576-4377      Kroger National Customer Service

Kroger District Office – Southwest Marketing Area
Bill Breetz, President
19245 David Memorial Drive
Shenandoah, Texas 77385

Make sure wherever you are that you let your store manager know that you will be looking elsewhere for deals if Kroger alters their coupon policy in your area!

A big thanks to Tiffany at My Litter [1] for a great post as well as a fantastic interview in Houston standing up for the couponers!