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Knox Studios: How Does My Head Look?

I mentioned to you all a few weeks ago that I was going to get new head shots [1].   And how much I hate getting my picture taken.

I really do- today friends at a bridal shower practically had to black mail me into getting in some group photos.

So when I went to Knox Studios [2] September 18th to get new head shots taken I was NOT looking forward to it.  My goal was to get in and out as quick as possible with the least amount of trouble and to TRY to look relaxed.  (I always look like a robot in pictures.)

When I walked in I met Jim Knox the owner who put me at ease.  I had no idea Knox Studios [2] had been in Chesapeake so long that some of my high school friends had their Senior Pictures done there (we won’t talk about what year I graduated but it was a while ago).   While I was waiting I got to see some of the beautiful family portraits they have taken and the amazing packages they do with new babies and families.

(Side note: they have this AWESOME package for new parents [3] where you get pics of the new baby taken with family members as well as a picture taken each month to document the first 12 months for $40.)

After a very comfortable and thankfully brief photo session Jim told me I could come in the next few days and pick up a disc with my pictures.  He was going to let me look at them all without any touch ups (gulp) and then I could let him know which ones I wanted done.

I was ASTONISHED to find there were about a dozen shots I actually liked!  After conferring with friends and family (who are much less critical of the way I look) I asked them to do touch ups on a few of them.   And here are the winners:







For those of you who watch me on television you can see what a great job they did with these photos- I look like a much more professional version of myself!

So which one do you like best?