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Kids Frugal Fun 8/2

Each week Momondealz [1] brings you a kids craft that is fun, frugal, and educational. August 3rd is National Watermelon Day so this week’s craft is centered around this delicious snack. For the remainder of August, I will also be concentrating on kindergarten skills in the educational activities section at the bottom. Enjoy!

Watermelon Tambourine
1 Paper plate
Handful of beans

1. Cut the paper plate in half horizontally.

2. Color the outside edge green and the middle red or pink.

3. Use a black marker to make the “seeds” on the watermelon or you can can glue down beans to the plate.

4. Glue the rounded edges together and allow to dry.

5. When the glue is dry, put your beans inside the plates and then glue the straight edges together. Allow to dry.


Educational Activities:
-Math: 1. When getting the beans, estimate how many you can grab from the bag and then count them.

-Science: 1. Have your child shake their tambourines following your directions (shake it up, down, to the left, right, etc). 2. Have your child shake the tambourines on different body parts (knees, elbows, head, etc). 3. Eat a real watermelon and plant the seeds in a cup. Water the seeds everyday and discuss the needs of plants.

-Language Arts: 1. Shake the tambourine to the beat of your favorite nursery rhymes. See if you can create new nursery rhymes together that are about watermelons. For example: To the tune of “Hey Diddle Diddle—Hey watermelon, with seeds in the middle, you’ve got a green rind, I love to eat your juicy center,as a treat after dinner (you get the idea).