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Kid Frugal Fun: Father’s Day

Each week Mom on Dealz [1] brings you a craft to do with your kids that is fun, educational, and frugal. Since Sunday is Father’s Day, I couldn’t let that holiday pass without a cute and inexpensive craft made just for dad! This craft is combination of 2 other crafts I have seen done before.

**Flag Day is also this week and if you’re looking for a fun craft for that holiday, visit a flag craft HERE [2]. [2]

Dad Rocks Business Card Holder
Cassette case
Hot glue gun (obviously for adult use only)
index card

1. Open tape case and slide the lid forward until it is sitting upright. This cassette lip will be what holds the business cards. It should click and stay up by itself but I hot glued mine to ensure it didn’t slide forward.
2. Cut an index card to fit on the back side of the cassette case. Have your child decorate it however they would like and then add the words “My Dad Rocks”. We chose to put a picture on the card instead of coloring.
3. Take your child outside for a rock hunt allowing them to pick different sizes and colors of rocks.
4. Hot glue the rocks all over the cassette case for decoration.
5. Fill with business cards.

Educational Adaptations:
Science: Discuss the rocks you and your child find on your hunt. Talk about size, shape, color, and texture. Activities like this lend themselves to teaching observation skills.
Language Arts: Have your child review steps in the process by retelling you how you made the business card holder. They can also create a nice card or poem to go along with the gift.
Math: You can have your child measure the cassette tape with a ruler to help cut the index card the correct size. You could also measure each rock when discussing the different sizes of rocks you find on your hunt.