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Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” Pre-Order

I was with some students at the school where I teach and about a year ago I asked them who their favorite singers were.  “Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber” was their swift answer.  At the time I had no idea who Justin Bieber was or how he ended up in the same sentence as Michael Jackson.  Now I know.

So if you are looking to appease the school aged girl in your home, you can go ahead and pre-order Justin Bieber Never Say Never on DVD ($15.99) [1] and DVD/Blu Ray combo ($19.99). [2]

And it is included in Amazon’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee.  If your item gets cheaper before it ships, they will lower the amount you are charged for the item.

And if you order today you can have it on your front door step the day it comes out!  Be the first on your block to cure your “Bieber Fever!”