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Jingit- I’ve Made $1 So Far

So last night I did a quick post about this new survey site Jingit [1].

It turns out pretty much what you do is watch television commercials, answer a few basic questions and they put CASH onto a VISA prepaid card which they send you in the mail.  Jingit [2] has some associations with Walmart so I was thrilled to see it was a debit card I could use at any store (I have no warm fluffy feelings for Walmart) plus I love my stores that double coupons.

As of now I have watched 4 videos and earned $1 [2].  I would say it took less than 4 minutes.  Additionally if I was a Walmart shopper I could earn points by scanning certain items in the store using their iPhone app.

Plus the commercial I watched today was one the Snicker’s ones with the “you aren’t yourself when you’re hungry” motto- which I think are kind of funny.

Here are the other ads:

So far I am impressed!  They haven’t asked for credit card information and they haven’t spammed me.  I would say we are off to a great start!