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Jingit- Cut Your Grocery Bill Quickly

For the most part, I avoid survey sites.  It’s not that I don’t have an opinion- it’s just I don’t want to take an hour to give it to anyone.  And most of the time (since I am a single female with no kids) nobody wants my opinion anyway.

So when blogger friends started writing about Jingit [1] I didn’t really pay attention.

One of them finally cornered me in a chat room tonight and told me I MUST try it.  They are saving decent money by using it.

So I signed up for Jingit [1] through my Facebook page (which I HATE doing but again I was told I MUST).

It turns out pretty much what you do is watch television commercials, answer a few basic questions and they put CASH onto a VISA prepaid card which they send you in the mail.  The program has some associations with Walmart so I was thrilled to see it was a debit card I could use at any store (I have no warm fluffy feelings for Walmart) plus I love my stores that double coupons.

In about 3 minutes tonight (before doing this post) I made $.25.

This is one of those moments that I wish I had kids in the house so I could point and say “hey you- watch these commercials and answer the questions.”

As I learn more about it I will post- my friend told me to check in every morning as there are new videos so I will add it to my list.

So if you are one of those people who likes to see things for yourself check out Jingit [1]!