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It’s That Time Again…. And I Hate It

There really are only a few things in life I truly HATE.  Running late and being lost while driving are the two that pop into my head immediately.

But even more than those, I HATE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN.  If given the option between having my picture taken or going to the dentist, I would have to sit and ponder.

However as a performer it’s kind of common practice to have head shots taken.  Additionally when I speak at conferences and such they occasionally ask for head shots.  So about once a year I drag myself somewhere to get my picture taken and fulfill my obligation so I can continue to audition.


This Tuesday morning after a new hair cut (stay tuned for pictures- I have some fun plans for this one) I will be heading to Knox Studios in Chesapeake, VA [2] to see if I can get through the session with my dignity intact.

If you believe in such things say a prayer for me!