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Introducing SavingStar.com: Earn FREE Gift Cards or PayPal Deposits

I did a short post on SavingStar [1] a few days ago, but I wanted to do a longer one today so you can see the amazing benefits of this program.

SavingStar [1] is an online program that allows you to download e-coupons onto your store cards.  You can search by zip code and see which stores near you participate.  In my case Food Lion, Harris Teeter, CVS and Rite Aid.

So before I signed up for SavingStar [1] I grabbed my keychain so I would have all my store numbers nearby.  I gave them a few small pieces of information and entered in my store card numbers.

Then it popped up a list of coupons available.  Here are some of the current ones:

– $1 off Bayer Aspirin product
– $1 off One A Day Multivitamins
– $2 off Aleve product, 20 ct.+
– $2 off Phillips’ Health product
– $2 off Purina One Cat Food 3.5 lb +
– $2 off Purina One Dog Food 4 lb +
– $5 off Fisher Price Happy Days or Happy Nights Diapers (Food Lion only)

You select the coupons you want loaded on your cards (I would just go ahead and get all of them). 

Then when you purchase the item that dollar amount is put into your SavingStar [1] account (you do not save it at the register).  Once you hit $5 you can either get a $5 Amazon gift card, a PayPal deposit or several other options.  So this means you can still use a coupon on the item at the store as well as any additional savings PLUS have the deposit into your SavingStar [1] account. 

Sound like a good deal?  Click here [1] to check out SavingStar!