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Introducing A Frugal Chick Television (The Frugal Bachelor)

A month ago I was having a discussion with a fellow blogger about some ways to make my blog stand out. His advice was to take my music/acting abilities and try to incorporate them. And while I have some pretty crazy ideas about singing you deals I thought I would combine my acting and writing with my insane love of television for my first project.

Personally I think some of our television shows would be a little bit better if we put a frugal twist on them. I started with one of the easiest to mock- a dating show with roses. (I will let you fill in the blanks.)

What if instead of all those shallow girls we put a frugal girl against a non-frugal girl? Who would win? Can a great credit score win a man’s heart? Will she say yes if the ring is under a karat?

So without further pomp and circumstance here is my first video “An Investment In Love”

If you like it please share with your friends- the better these do, the more I get to make!