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I Went Crazy At Bloom Today

In my town we have a lovely chain of grocery stores called “Bloom.”  They are designed to be a nicer version of Food Lion and they did not do well.  So they are all converting BACK to Food Lion.

However they need to clear out some of their products that they will no longer carry.  My mom got a tip that they had started their sales so I went this morning after I finished a coupon tutoring session.  The prices were unbelievable and I got all products I already use!

Here was my haul:

6 Cans of Black Beans (15.25 oz)

4 Cans of Pineapple Chunks (8 oz)

5 jars of Pasta Sauce (45 oz)

5 boxes of Ziti (16 oz)

4 boxes of Rice Dream Rice Milk (32 oz)

8 bags of Stir Fry Frozen Vegetables (6 oz)

3 bags of Frozen Whole Baby Carrots (16 oz)

4 bags of Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas (11.57 oz)

4 bags of Wide Egg Noodles (16 oz)

3 bags of Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips (12 oz)

3 boxes of frozen spinach (10 oz)

Final Price: $42.60

I should be set on food for the next little bit with my freezer full of chicken and ground beef [1]to supplement these items!