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I Love My Kindle Fire

When it comes to technology I am usually the LAST person to have the newest gadget.  I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone, an MP3 player or a lap top.  I just got a smart phone in October 2011.  When it comes to electronics I am not a trend setter.

I have been mulling over the idea of an e-reader for a while.  I have this problem where I like BOOKS- the way they smell, the way they feel and the sense of accomplishment that comes from turning a last page.

BUT my little condo has become over run with books.  I am always just on the verge of returning a library book late.  And my night stand is overflowing so much that my alarm clock is having a hard time staking it’s claim.

About a month ago Amazon had a Gold Box Deal of the day I couldn’t resist- $139 for a Refurbished Kindle Fire [1].  Even though my frugal nature was screaming I bought it and anxiously waited for it to show up.

When it get here I pulled it out of the box, pushed the button on the bottom to get it started and everything was already done.  Amazon had synced the device with my account so all the books I had downloaded over the last 3 years were already there.  There was almost no set up required- it would be a great gift for someone who isn’t always good with technology.

It has been incredibly convenient having all of my books in one place.  Lying in bed at night I can read my Bible and then by pressing the screen switch over to my current reading for pleasure.  I can stream Netflix and plays Words With Friends while sitting on my couch.

I can not tell any difference between my refurbished model [1] and my friends new models [2] so save yourself the $30 if you are considering buying one!