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I Got Laid Off Today

**At the request of a few people I have made this post “sticky” which means for the next day or so it will always be on the top of my blog.  If you have already read it, just ignore it.  If not I would love to have you join me in the journey of blogging full time!**

Today I joined the millions of Americans who have gotten laid off as a result of the economy.  I had no warning that it was coming, so I am still digesting the information.  I figured I would write this post when I am in calm mode instead of freaked out mode!

And while I am not thrilled about the loss of my secure income I am excited about the possibilities that this opens up for the blog.  I will have more time to devote to finding deals and spreading the frugalness!

However I can not make the blog successful without you (and since the blog is FOR you that works out beautifully)! 

People want to know how to help, so here is a list of what you can do for me:

1.  Tell a friend about A Frugal Chick [1]Spread the Savings Around

2.  Book a Coupon Class or Tutoring Session– If you like what you see here and want to learn more I would love to teach you.  I offer a coupon class [2] and one on one tutoring.  Also now that my days are open I am available for MOPS groups or any other small group during the day who would be interested.  There are nominal fees for these classes and I would be happy to discuss them.  Just shoot me an e-mail [3]

3. PR/Advertise with Me!– If you have a product or service that fits with the theme of A Frugal Chick I would love to do a giveaway or have you place an ad on my site.  Just drop me an e-mail [3] and we can chat about it!

4.  Print Your Coupons With Me!–  If you see a coupon on my site that you will use, click directly on that link to print it.  I get a little bit of credit for coupons printed both by clicking in my posts and when people print from the coupon printing ads on my blog.

5.  Do Your Shopping With Me!-  If I post a deal and you want to buy it, click directly on the link in that post.  Sometimes they are stores that I have a special affiliate relationship with and they will pay me a percentage of what you spend.  The same applies for any deal of the day sites (Groupon, Living Social etc).  Also if you shop Amazon I would love it if you stopped by here first and checked out the Deal of the Day ad on the right hand side of my site.  By clicking on that not only are you seeing a great deal but any items you buy after that click I will receive credit for.

I promise that this blog never has been and never will be just about making money.  I try very hard to only find the best deals out there and not be swayed by inferior products or deals that aren’t really that good.  This blog is for you in hopes that the information you find here can make a better life for you and your family.